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March 06.2020
2 Minutes Read

Commercial Applications for the Internet of Things (IoT)

In the last decade or so, our world has become a lot more interconnected thanks to tablets, smartphones and other devices we use daily. 

Most people are well-aware of how reliant we’ve become on the internet of things (IoT), but we still don’t know how it will revolutionize the commercial sector in the near future. By the end of 2020, spending on IoT is expected to cross $1 trillion. 

Before we look into the commercial applications of IoT, we first need to understand what it is: 

Understanding the Internet of Things

IoT systems use a combination of sensors to obtain and record data. They use the internet to transmit collected information to various devices and create personalized solutions.

For example, IoT systems like Google Home monitor the state of your house when you’re gone. They can control your lights, your security system, your air conditioner, etc. and make sure that your home is ready whenever you come back.  

How Can This Impact Your Business 

According to the studies carried out by Statista, the IoT market is expected to increase to 30.7 billion devices by the end of 2020 and 75.4 billion in 2025. The huge growth indicates the wealth of commercial opportunities present in the market. 

By using automation to carry out routine processes, human staff members are free to handle more intellectual and creative tasks. 

Commercial Applications for Internet of Things

Stock Management and Replenishment

IoT stock systems are used to keep track of product quantities and place orders whenever the volume is too low—without the need for human intervention.

Storage and Analysis

The IoT’s ability to obtain, store and analyze large amounts of data provides businesses with useful insights about their performance and processes. They can use their data to augment operations and plan ahead. 

Control of Environment

The pharmaceutical industry has large facilities that require control of conditions. Everything from the temperature of the room to its humidity levels need to be controlled. IoT devices can monitor conditions and adjust them accordingly. 

Where Is IoT Headed in the Future?

In the future, IoT technology will be built with self-monitoring abilities. These devices will be able to monitor their performance and signify to users when maintenance is required. 

If you think your commercial business can benefit from advanced IoT solutions, contact an automation company near you. 

Integrated Systems Tech is a controls and automation company that builds predictive management and automation control systems for organizations across all industries. Contact them for more information at (855) 475-0243. 



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