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December 16.2019
10 Minutes Read

Consume Less, Earn More: How Saving Energy Can Help Your Business 

Climate change is real—and it’s destroying the planet in the worst ways possible. Let your commercial space be one of the catalysts for saving the Earth through an upgraded lighting control system. Read on to discover what commercial lighting energy assessments are, and what you can do with them:

Quick Science Recap: What Energy is All About

A quick science review will tell you that energy is used for everything. From walking to sending people to space, there’s energy. There are two main groups of energy that people use daily. These are renewable and non-renewable energy.

Renewable energy is simply an energy source that doesn’t run out. The world uses five basic renewable energy sources. These are solar energy, wind energy, geothermal energy, biomass, and hydropower.

On the other hand, non-renewable energy is a type of energy source that cannot be replaced. In other words, the world can run out of this source if people aren’t careful enough. Non-renewable energy sources include natural gas, coal, and crude oil. However, all of them came from a single source—fossil fuel. 

United States: Energy Consumption Superpower

According to the American Geosciences Institute, the United States accounts for 17% of the world’s total energy consumption. Moreover, about 90% of its energy use came from non-renewable energy sources. With these statistics in mind, the fact that Americans rely on a finite energy source is honestly quite alarming.

Lighting Control Upgrade: Does It Deserve The Hype?

For many years, most people are familiar with a single lighting control system—the switch. Yes, they are fuss-free, cheap, and effective. However, with today’s energy prices (and temperature levels) rising, is it really the best option? Probably not.

Over the years, switches have served people well. However, now is the time to let these little guys rest. This is where lighting control systems come into the picture. These are an innovative energy-saving lighting approach that promises to upgrade your business in different ways.

In its simplest definition, a lighting control system gives the right amount of light where and when needed. Its main goal is to maximize the proper use of lighting while minimizing operational costs.

Upgrading Your Lighting Control Upgrades Your Business

The lighting control system isn’t all about saving the planet. Below are the benefits you can get if your space gets the upgrade it deserves:

1. Reduced operational costs

Growing up, you might have constantly seen adults turn off the lights after every use. This is the golden rule for energy-saving. The less time your lights are turned on, the lower your electricity bill is.

Yes, this might be quite easy to do. However, it can be tedious if you’re operating large, commercial spaces.

In an upgraded lighting control system, its smart monitoring features will do the job for you. With a single tap on your device, you don’t have to do tedious office rounds and fumble in the dark.

Aside from convenience, did you know that smart light bulbs are 80% more efficient than their conventional counterparts? You might forget turning off your lights once in a while, but your fixtures won’t. Just set up your desired settings, and you’re good to go.

2. Minimized energy waste

Did you know that unoccupied areas use over 30% of the energy used in commercial spaces? You might not realize this massive amount as energy isn’t visible to the naked eye. 

Through an upgraded lighting control system, an unoccupied area will have its lights automatically turned off. Otherwise, an occupied area will remain illuminated. With the cutting-edge system, this 30% of energy waste will transform into commercial energy savings.

3. Personalized lighting preferences

Whether you’re aware of it, designers use lighting to control your mood and perception of certain spaces. For instance, a restaurant might use warmer and dimmer lighting to give an intimate ambiance. On the other hand, fast food chains use brighter lighting to encourage mobility.

To do this lighting trick, business owners had to buy separate light fixtures per luminance and color. By upgrading your lighting control system, however, you don’t have to worry about purchasing the wrong fixtures anymore.

Through smart lighting, your space’s lights will automatically adapt based on your desired ambiance. You can also set your lighting based on natural lighting conditions.

4. Improved user convenience

With the golden age of technology, everything is almost accessible on mobile devices. Your space’s lighting control system is no exception. By using your gadgets, you can control your space’s lighting within seconds.

5. Better security
In commercial spaces, security is a necessity. An upgraded lighting control system’s sensors can detect anyone entering or exiting your premises.

Keeping Up the Good Work: Energy Saving Incentives

Yes, the government doesn’t let your energy conservation efforts remain unnoticed. To encourage more businesses to go green, public and private agencies offer financial incentives in the form of rebates, tax incentives, and loans.

ENERGY STAR-certified purchases allow you to get a portion of the purchase price upon paying the full amount. Depending on the area you’re in, you can receive your rebate immediately upon purchase or after completing its installation.

If you’re interested in getting tax incentives, they are unfortunately rare to find. However, you can still receive tax credits if your energy conservation efforts started way before.

In applying for an energy efficiency loan, take note that it might be limited to specific products. Like the incentives mentioned earlier, these will depend on your locality. However, a healthy credit score is the most basic requirement to acquire such a loan. To find out more about possible interest rates and credit amounts, contact your state energy office.

The Bottomline

To save energy the conventional way, you must suffer from the inconvenience that such practice might entail. This might range from the hassle of increased manual labor to purging several unnecessary devices.

However, by approaching energy saving through a lighting control upgrade, you don’t have to sacrifice anything. In just a few weeks’ time for installation, your commercial spaces will have its share on saving the planet—all while letting your business become the best version of itself.



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