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December 13.2019
11 Minutes Read

Lighting Efficiency Upgrades and Why You Should Get Them 

Making a building more energy efficient does pose some benefits to the environment. However, the benefits of lighting efficiency upgrades can also extend to the business itself. If you have been deciding on the matter, you should at least know what’s in store for your business if ever you do decide to make a shift towards efficiency. Below are some of the major advantages businesses get from becoming more lighting efficient. 

1. Increased Market Value
One of the longer term benefits of being lighting efficient will surprisingly come from the real estate market. Demand for “clean and green” business spaces has been on the rise for much of the 2010s and occupancy rates for such buildings have been high.

There is a number of reasons why such a shift occurred on the market. However, the most compelling of these is that buyers and investors are putting more focus on a business’s practices before making a decision.

A shift towards cleaner energy consumption thus makes your business a more attractive investment option. And if you do decide on relocating, your former building will fetch higher prices on the market, resulting in a healthy return of investment on your part. 

2. Lowering Utility Costs 

A misconception about energy savings is that it is expensive. After all, the up-front costs often associated with lighting efficiency upgrades are quite high that it can discourage small to medium sized business from making that shift.

There is truth to the notion that energy saving is more expensive. This is only because a proper lighting efficiency upgrade involves more than just replacing every light bulb in the building with energy efficient ones. It will require a systemic change that involves reworking the building’s energy system from the ground up. 
However, despite this, a small business can still make incremental changes in their lighting system that can slowly grow into a lighting efficiency initiative in time. This can be possible, of course, if the momentum is maintained. 

Also, what you should also account for is the savings your business makes from utility costs with a lighting efficiency upgrade. This is quite important as 40% of any electricity bill will be made up by lighting. In essence, making that shift towards efficient lighting might be considerably more expensive than your usual lighting. However, the amount your business saves in the long run with these upgrades will always trump your initial costs. 

3. Better Business Image and Public Relations 

Your business’s image is not ultimately essential in keeping your business profitable. But, it does help. What you have to keep in mind is that energy efficiency, clean energy, and sustainability are hot social topics right now. 

By tapping into those topics and becoming energy conscious, your business will gain a lot of respect and influence in the market. People will gravitate to your brand. It will also affect your relationship with potential investors. This is especially true if they can personally see for themselves that your business is using energy efficient lighting. 

As for your customers, what you have to understand is that people right now are more discerning with their purchases. Brand loyalty is no longer determined by how good your traditional marketing campaigns are. It is also dictated by the image you project to the public. 

By investing in lighting efficiency upgrades, you are sending the message to your customers that you do care about environmental issues. And these days, smaller yet sustainable actions will prove to be far more effective in drawing people to your business than any elaborate public relations stunt. 

4. Reduced Inventory Costs

Out of all the assets in a business, it is the light bulb that is most expendable. It requires frequent replacements. This means you have to stock up on a handful of bulbs in your storage area in case one bulb goes out. 

Also, a standard building will require at least 3 different types of bulbs for every area in it. This means your business will spend a considerable amount of money on light bulbs of varying types, as well as tools to replace them every year. 

One of the benefits of a lighting upgrade is that you allow the building to be retrofitted so that it only needs one type of bulb. Also, modern energy-efficient bulbs have longer lives. This means they don’t need to be replaced frequently. With an energy efficient lighting system, your business will spend less on storing and replacing light bulbs. 

5. Improve Worker Health, Safety, and Performance 

Your staff are the lifeblood of your business. They are the ones making sure that every part of your company functions 24/7. As such, it makes perfect sense to give them a work environment that is conducive to their health and safety. 

It might seem far-fetched but investing on lighting efficiency upgrades does contribute to that environment to a degree. Energy efficient lighting gives off less heat. This helps cool down the ambient temperatures in the office. 

Also, energy efficient lighting mimics natural lighting, which means that the eye doesn’t have to constantly adjust itself when a person has to constantly move in and out of the office. And when the eyes do not have to constantly adjust to the lighting, the strain placed on them is considerably reduced. 

Lastly, what you have to keep in mind is that modern light bulbs are potential work hazards. They are prone to overheating that causes them to explode, exposing your workers to glass shards and harmful chemicals. With an energy-saving light bulb, the chances of accidents are greatly reduced. 

Lighting efficiency upgrades work best if they are implemented along with other energy saving measures. These include better insulation, heating and cooling systems, and investing on energy-efficient appliances. 

All in all, they could result in a better workplace environment. This, in turn, should reduce costs for medical and health coverage for the business in the long run. 

These are just some of the benefits you could expect from implementing lighting efficiency upgrades in your business. It would be best to consult the expertise of an authority in the matter who can also provide you with the best products and systems to make your building as lighting efficient as possible. 

If you are interested in learning more about lighting efficiency upgrades for your business click the link below for your FREE energy assessment. 

You can also reach us by phone at (855) 475-0243.

We are dedicated to help you realize any of your energy savings and efficiency needs.



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