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Application of Smart System Lighting in Different Industries

In the past few years, there has been a massive increase in the popularity of smart lighting systems for both residential and commercial projects. Smart lighting systems fuse sensors and control algorithms with wireless communication that works automatically through the Internet of Things.

With big names, like Hilton, investing in smart lighting solutions, it is becoming more mainstream with many affordable and accessible options available for small and big businesses. Smart lighting solutions have allowed businesses to save a lot of money by reducing operational costs and enabling them to improve sustainability. 

Here are some of the key applications of smart lighting systems in different industries:

Improved Employee Wellness and Productivity

A good lighting system is essential to ensure the health, wellness, and productivity of employees in various commercial and official buildings. Efficiently designed and customizable lighting systems can reduce eye-strain caused by prolonged exposure to computer screens and can reduce workplace fatigue caused by dull and artificial lighting. By integrating smart lighting systems into the workplace, the office environment can be lit at optimal intensity according to the needs of the employees and the unique conditions of the office space.

Better Environment for Healthcare Facilities

Adequate lighting is essential for healthcare facilities and plays a significant role in reducing depression among patients, lessening agitation caused by harsh lighting and stressful situations, and improving the circadian rhythm by stabilizing the physical responses to light and darkness. Proper lighting also improves the productivity of the staff and enhances the wellness of the night-shift staff by providing sufficient lighting, which won’t impact their health. 

Enhanced Retail Experience for Shoppers

Smart lighting systems have great applications for the retail industry. They enhance the customer shopping experience by ensuring optimal lighting according to the type of merchandise, the space available, and the foot traffic in various areas of the shop. The smart sensors also allow the shop to collect important data that can be used to further improve the experience of all occupants of the shop, including staff and customers. Some smart lighting fixtures are also being fitted with a unique code that can help shoppers navigate through big shops, such as Carrefour in the UAE, to find the products they are looking for easily. 

Improve your organization by reducing energy waste and making the most out of available resources by investing in smart building controls and industrial system integrators from Integrated Systems Tech Services. We help commercial and industrial facilities design and develop commercial systems integrations, automation control systems and provide predictive management services to help them utilize their building space more efficiently.

Get in touch with us today to find out more about our field services for hardware and software components!



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