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How IoT Is Transforming today's Building Automation Systems

As Internet of Things (IoT) is starting to disrupt industries across the globe, the building automation system (BAS) industry has a head start! Before we discuss how IoT has fostered interoperability between enterprise solutions and BAS platforms, let’s talk briefly about what IoT means.

Simply put, IoT is a system that leverages internet infrastructure and powerful microprocessors to control and monitor digital machines and computing devices that we use in everyday life, from appliances and cars to medical devices. 

Maintenance and control tasks that took time and mental power to carry out can now be performed automatically through IoT connected technologies. For instance, lighting and HVAC systems can be adjusted remotely and monitored to suit environmental needs throughout the day. 

Traditional BAS vs. IoT powered BAS

Tradition building automation systems that control different building functions like security, lighting, HVAC, access control systems, etc. are now being revolutionized with IoT technologies to achieve cost reduction and flexibility.

IoT integration offers a reduced chance of human error, faster response times and a higher degree of customization in terms of occupant needs. Moreover, IoT automation systems offer easy manageability and unmatched energy efficiency!

Benefits of IoT Powered Building Automation Systems

Let’s look at how IoT has improved building functions:

Occupant Comfort

IoT has revolutionized BAS by making buildings proactive and intuitive in maintaining air quality, lighting, and thermal levels. Building managers can coordinate preferences, occupant needs and schedules to set the stage for optimal productivity and a consistent work environment—no more thermostat wars in the office!

BAS powered by IoT transform your facility into one big automated and energy-efficient machine that works for you!

Insights and Visibility

With IoT integrated building automation systems come advanced reporting and energy analytics that offer real-time visibility into your facility’s operations. This way, building managers and maintenance teams can dive deep into thermal patterns, energy consumption patterns, occupancy metrics, heat-loads in different areas, and more! 


With buildings generating nearly 40% of annual global GHG emissions, global consumers are actively seeking companies that care about environmental issues. 

Intelligent building automation systems can make a significant impact on energy consumption, thereby improving your facility’s sustainability. They can also promptly inform you when electrical and mechanical equipment fails, dramatically reducing downtime. Building automation systems can save you money, time, and resources in the long run.



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