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LED Lighting Trends You Must Follow in 2021

We've seen an unprecedented growth of LED lighting solutions in the corporate and industrial sectors worldwide. The projections show that the global LED retrofit market size can reach $5476.2 million by 2026. Traditional heat-producing industrial lights are phasing out as businesses move toward LED lights to save energy and minimize operating expense. As we move into 2021, here are some LED lighting trends you must follow: 

Smart LED Solutions

Businesses are opting for smart LED lighting solutions powered by Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to control their building's lighting. These LED retrofits allow users to connect their entire facility's lighting to a unified system. These solutions integrate with the entire building lighting system, providing greater control to organizations through real-time insights to optimize the facility's lighting environment. 

Dimmable LED Lights 

The latest research shows lighting can have a significant impact on employees' mental health. It also affects concentration and productivity in the workplace. Businesses with a focus on creating happier and healthier workplaces are using dimmable LED lights to change illumination that suits ambiance. These lights come with temperature adjustment, allowing organizations to create a suitable environment for workers. 

Sensor-based controls

Energy codes are incentivizing companies to improve energy efficiency and cut down carbon emissions. Therefore, businesses are implementing IoT-based lighting solutions, especially sensor-based controls, to reduce energy consumption and maintain greater control over the building lighting system. These solutions are heavily used in traditional workspaces, offices, and industrial environments to gain energy efficiencies.

Embracing solar power 

Businesses continue to maximize energy efficiency through smart IoT solutions. Many organizations are taking these initiatives one step further by tapping into renewable energy resources. Harness the solar energy power, combined with LED retrofits, provide them additional energy savings and become carbon neutral. It helps them top the charts of building efficiency ratings and gain a competitive advantage in their respective fields.

Final words

In 2021, a mere switch to LED lighting isn't enough to get ahead of the competition. Businesses must walk the digital transformation road and leverage the latest technologies like IoT solutions to maintain competitiveness and meet their corporate social responsibility goals.

If you're searching for smart building automation and IoT services to make your building energy-efficient and reduce carbon emissions, get in touch with Integrated Systems Technology Services today! We're a leading automation and control company that provides smart automation control solutions, including LED lighting retrofits, lighting control solutions, and energy efficiency assessments at competitive rates. Call (855)475-0243 to get started today!  



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