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Why Energy-Efficient Smart Buildings?

Smart technology is rapidly becoming mainstream as an increasing number of homes and corporate buildings are shifting toward smart home and office solutions. According to statistics, the smart building market size is estimated to grow to $160 billion by 2026!

In the emerging world of technology and automation, it is fascinating to see how the way buildings are planned, constructed, and managed is changing. Smart business owners have anticipated the benefits of smart buildings. By integrating existing and new structures with smart technology, they hope to reduce energy consumption, increase sustainability, and more.

Here are the three main reasons why more businesses should invest in energy-efficient smart solutions for corporate buildings:

Better Optimization Opportunities with Better Data

Smart buildings collect large amounts of data from smart sensors and meters that can be used to enhance building performance and energy usage. Smart technology allows business owners to keep track of how much energy is being used at any point and how much it costs them. The information collected can be used to identify certain trends and patterns of energy waste and usage, allowing them to forecast future developments. With better insights into the building’s energy consumption, business owners can make informed data-driven decisions to optimize the building and its operations.

Energy Efficiency

Smart technology allows buildings to become more energy efficient by reducing energy wastage through automation. By installing smart sensors and dimmable lighting systems, the business can improve lighting aesthetics and create more productive and comfortable spaces. The energy-efficient solutions can also help business owners to reduce the cost of utility bills and increase the profit margin of their business. 

Predictive Maintenance

Smart technology allows business owners to identify and fix unseen faults that might be increasing energy consumption and costing the business a lot of money. Smart systems have built-in technology that can detect faults, such as clogged air filters that are causing reduced airflow, unnecessarily bright lighting during the day that is increasing the utility costs, and more. Smart buildings empower the staff by helping improve the maintenance process, so they spend less time putting out fires by preventing them in the first place. 

Integrated Systems Tech Services is one of the leading providers of automation control systems and predictive maintenance for various commercial buildings and industrial facilities. Get in touch with us today for industrial building automation, smart building controls, energy conservation control systems and professional maintenance services for automation systems we build.

Call us at (855) 475-0243 for more information!



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