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Everything Your Facility Needs For Peak Operating Efficiency, Safety, and Sustainability 

​​​​​​​​Achieve Facility Wellness

Integrated Systems Tech Services is a leader in industrial and commercial building automation systems implementation across the United States. Our teams work throughout the country to help occupants and property owners implement building automation technology to introduce new forms of efficiency, safety, and sustainability to the workplace.

What is Facility Wellness?

The key with facility wellness is collaboration with our customers to deliver the systems and tools to help businesses reduce their cost and waste, and to increase their up-time.

The team at Integrate Systems Tech Services is recognized as one of the best across the country. With years of experience in project management and expertise in building automation systems, we offer a cost-effective solution to improve building systems efficiency. Our technicians are some of the brightest minds in the industry, trained rigorously to implement and maintain your building systems.

Facility Wellness


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Smart Building Controls Implementation

Just like the human body, well-being is a crucial part of our long term sustainability. Things such as what we intake, how we use our energy, annual maintenance and checkups, and how we respond to high temperature or pain that gives us signs that something may be wrong. These same things can be monitored and measured in your building to promote long term sustainability such as:

Peak operating efficiencies
Equipment up time
Equipment and asset tracking

Smart buildings offer multiple advantages with respect to energy efficiency, maintenance costs, and administrative costs. With greater degree of control over your building’s operations, you’ll find it much easier to manage the building’s occupants, improve workplace efficiency and enjoy lower costs.

Smart Building Controls Implementation


Get in touch with us today for more information on our services or to speak about how the Integrated Systems Tech Services team can help with your Facility Wellness.

Who is managing key systems?

Monitoring and Metering

  • Systems availability and up-times
  • Cost Reduction
  • Condition Based Maintenance
  • Understand where major consumers of utility services are located
  • Automated Reporting

Occupancy Based Control

  • Understand where resources are being used
  • Using resources when and where needed
  • Reduction in equipment load
  • Reduced maintenance labor

Asset Tracking

  • Reduce time looking to lost items
  • Reduce cost on replacing lost items
  • Manage congestion of goods or people
  • Workspace management and utilization
  • Optimizing floor plans

Remotely Monitor a single or multiple locations

  • View occupancy activity to determine what is going on in your facility
  • Gain valuable insights into how your facility services are being used and the best way to maintain those facility services
  • Gain access to critical data to make better decisions and choices to help achieve your goals i​​​​n one dashboard
Remote Access
We install building automation and building systems monitoring equipment to help you keep track of your building system’s efficiency across various metrics. Call us now for more information on our building systems monitoring and maintenance services or to hire us to automate your facility.